FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Copywriting and Editing Services

The following will give you an overview of my services and how the collaboration process works. For other specifics not covered here, please email me and I will respond to your inquiries promptly. info@jennybrown.ca


What kind of copy do you write?

I write web content, sales letters, fundraising letters, advertising copy, corporate profiles/biographies, newsletters, brochures, postcards, press releases, edit drafts and more. If you don’t see something on this list, just send me your specifications and I will create the style of copy that suits your project.


Video Production Services

Should you need to showcase your product, service, or not-for-profit organization via video format (online video for your website, YouTube, or in DVD format) I can also offer you this service through my video production company Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios Ltd. Click here: www.digitalsoundmagic.com for more details.


Have you written for my type of business?

I have written for a wide range of not-for-profits and companies, but if I haven’t for your type of business specifically, then after a spell of research I will gain enough knowledge to confidently write about your product or service. As we continue to collaborate on future projects my expertise grows and I become a valuable resource.


How long does it take?

This all depends on the type of project and my workload at the time you contact me. It could be anywhere between one week to one month. I take deadlines seriously, so your copy will always be delivered to you on or before deadline.



I require a 50% deposit to start all projects and a signed letter of agreement. An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent prior to delivery of your final drafts. Upon my receipt of your final payment, your final copy will be delivered immediately in MS Word format.


How much do you charge?

Fees are quoted on a per project basis. In most cases I can quote you a flat rate so that you can budget accordingly. For long term on-going projects I charge on an hourly rate. Please contact me at info@jennybrown.ca for your individual quote.


Are re-writes included in the price?

Yes. Most clients are happy with the first or second draft, but if there are tweaks to be made here and there, I will gladly make 3 revisions within 30 days of delivery of your first draft.


Can you edit a draft I have already written?

Yes. If you have pre-written copy that needs injecting with a bit of “spark”, I will go through it and bring it to life.


Can I see your previous work?

Yes, by clicking on the Portfolio section of my website you will see my writing samples. If you need to see more please contact me and I can send you additional samples.


Can you help me with graphic design?

No. I am strictly a copywriter. However, I do have several contacts within my network that I can refer you to.


How do we get started?

After our initial consultation, I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. It is very important that you take the time to fill this in with as much detail as possible, as this is the main document I will be working from. Remember: you’re the expert on your company, I am learning about you for the first time. I will need to be thoroughly briefed on your company, your goals, and your target audience. This is the only way I can write about your organization in the most effective way. I find that the more time people spend on the questionnaire, the faster the project will go. Other questions may follow as the project develops and I will keep you updated as I progress.


When I have written your first draft, I will send it to you for your approval. You can send me feedback and revision notes, which I will gladly incorporate. Over the next 30 days, I will complete three revisions if necessary so that you are completely satisfied with the final draft.


How do I hire you?

Easy. Just email your details to info@jennybrown.ca and I will contact you by the next business day. I look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your project!