About Jenny Brown



My writing helps those who need to convey certain messages about their organization, sell their product or service or to simply communicate with their intended audience in a clear and effective way.




“It has been a pleasure working with you. I am happy that you worked quickly and found some very great phrases to express what I wanted to in ways I wouldn’t have been able to myself. I definitely hope to be working more with you again in the future.”

 - Thomas Stachura, President, Metamorphosis Productions International


Based in Vancouver, Canada, and with the convenience of the Internet, I enjoy creating a variety of promotional material for companies in the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and worldwide.


My background includes sales, newspaper, magazine, business, creative and marketing writing which has allowed me to develop impeccable research skills and a persuasive writing style. I have worked for a wide range of businesses and non-profit organizations.